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Crocheting, not just for grannies any more!

I’m a few stitches and ends woven away from finishing this summer’s crochet project. So I thought I’d make my favourite hobby’s debut post.

This summer I made baby blankets. Two of many baby blankets that I’ve been lucky enough to make lately. One of the teachers that I work with is expecting twins!! Twin girls as a matter of fact. I was thrilled to hear that she was having girls. The last few blankets were for boys or Mom’s who didn’t want to know ahead. I really wanted to make delicate pink blankets. Alas, the Mom wanted fall colours (I added a touch of pink… a bit of creative license <wink>)

twin girls fall colours

I’m not sure why but it didn’t occur to me to take photos of my blankets ’til just recently so I don’t have photos just memories of most.  I do have photos of my crochet ‘wish list’. I’m sure the bulk of my PINS on Pinterest are crochet patterns /stitches.

I’m always thinking of my next crochet project. I’m barely finished this one, I have my ‘hidden Mickey’ blanket started, and I’m pondering a pattern / colour for the one I want to make for my husband.  =D I also have another baby blanket that I get to make. .. another teacher that I work with is expecting.

Happy Dance! I spoke with the other teacher and she’s expecting a girl. And she said I can make her a frilly pink blanket! I’m excited now I get to go pick out a new pattern!

What do you do as a hobby?



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