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Nothing is Impossible

My ponderings today…

Last year my friend shared this post. Again I’m reminded of how nothing is impossible if we keep reaching for our dreams. The heart stirring “I have a dream” speech, 50 years later, is still inspiring people to ‘judge each other by the content of their character.’
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Canadian Travel Bugs

This week a friend of mine sent me an email that I thought was a forward from the title. As I read it I realised it was her thoughts and words from the heart. With life so busy, depressing and messages of despair we sometimes forget how to be happy and celebrate the little things that bring us joy. For me personally, lately there have been a lot of things going on with family, work and the world that have brought me to tears on more than one occasion. How do we rise above it? How can we be happy when surrounded by negative energies? It is not easy and each day I find it a struggle at times to not let the little things get me down… be happy, find joy and laugh.

For this week’s post I am hosting a guest. You will know her from comments on…

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