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A yarn sale started it…

I love creating blankets and scarves. I love picking out the stitches and what colour yarn I want. I love the possibilities.

Pile of Possiblities

Then to tip my excitement over there are days like today…. A SALE and A COUPON for exactly what I want.  I was like a kid in the candy store being told I could buy my fill.

I was so excited because I have 4/5 projects to do by Christmas.  I get to make a couple scarves, a ‘big sister’ blanket (so she doesn’t feel left out), and a baby blanket with matching dolly blanket (so big sister can keep her dolly warm).

I’m especially thrilled about this baby blanket because I can make it in delicate baby PINK. I’ve made so many blue or neutral blankets, I’ve been dying to make a little pink one.

I looked through Pintrest ’til I found a pattern that called to me. Here’s my inspiration from Bunny Mummy.  Wonderful, clear instructions with photos for each step.

BunnyMummy Daisy

I decided that I liked the closed center.

pondering centres

So I’m going to use “the magic circle” as my centre.  While looking for another project I found a post on how to make an adjustable ‘magic’ ring by yarntomato.

=)  Well I have to get back to my yarn now. Like a good book it is hard to put down.



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