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November is going to be exciting!! (…my ‘inner’ geek is showing)

For a while know I’ve been counting down ’til November 23 2013…. The Day of the Doctor / The Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special.

Living in Canada, I didn’t know how or when I would be able to see this show, but yesterday one of our movie theatre chains made this announcement:

Day of The Doctor announcement

I am beyond thrilled!!!

And a matter of hours later The Hobbit movie / Peter Jackson made this announcement:

Hobbit Movie event announcement

A fan event .. something to tide us over ’til December’s release [Dec 13 2013] of the second half of The Hobbit!!!!



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4 thoughts on “November is going to be exciting!! (…my ‘inner’ geek is showing)

  1. Great news indeed….I’ve been waiting breathlessly to see that 50th Anniversary Special! Glad to see the date. Oh, by the way, I’ve dedicated this week’s Pixelventures Close-up to you…hope you like it and keep blogging!


      1. Well…here it’s I who have to thank you! I’ve been agonizing to know when the Dr. Who Special was going to be aired! Great news! Love the Hobbit special too…but I just adore Dr. Who!


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