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Fall crochet projects finished…almost

What I love about a creative process is that you can start off with an idea, some materials and time, then end up with something different than you imagined.  That’s the wonderful thing about imagination …it wanders.

“Not all those who wander are lost.”  J.R.Tolkin

These projects were close to what I had envisioned but not quite.

I like the swirly scarves and the colours. I wasn’t thrilled that I couldn’t find the colours I wanted in a texture that I loved. And now, errrr… one of two scarves done. The other colour seems to have less in the balls of yarn because I’ve come up short and had to unravel (sigh) the whole thing.  If I’m not too mad at the whole thing I’ll post photos another day.

On to happier projects.

I love the texture for the “big sister” blanket.  And the colour make me think of purple pixie stix (candy). (yummm) It’s inspiration came from a “Pin” on Pinterest. Which lead me here.  (if you’d like a pattern).

I try to make a big sibling blanket when I make a new baby blanket so that they don’t feel left out.

I’m not sure about how the baby / dolly blanket set turned out. I thought I’d like it as much as the inspiration but I’m not sure it translated well into the finer yarn. My inspiration was again a photo I saw on Pinterest. (my previous post, link below, has the ‘how to do’ the flowers.)

The baby blanket has a matching dolly blanket so big sister can keep her dolly warm, just like her new baby sister.

And think these all started with a Yarn Sale. (my previous post)

Well back to another partly finished project… my Mickey blanket…and THAT scarf.



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