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Travel Theme: Symbol

Where’s My Backpack has a beautiful and timely challenge this week. Please visit Ailsa’s site to join in.

Ailsa’s post starts:

Travel theme: Symbol

I’ve been sitting here listening to  tributes pour in from world leaders for Nelson Mandela and the word I hear used over and over is symbol – a symbol of peace, freedom, humility, unity, transformation and hope. As a tribute to an extraordinary man and a life well lived, let’s give the week over to all things symbolic.

~ ~ ~

I’ve been pondering what to post for this theme all day. Who Nelson Mandela is …goes beyond words. I tried to convey to my kids his strength of will. That he made people want to fight past the hate to find love.. that HE did that.  In a world before Twitter, blogs, Facebook… he went into the world and became the change he wanted to see.

So that leads me to my photo selections. What else ? Who else ? Brings that powerful feeling of pride, happiness from my heart?

This photo … isn’t in its self an amazing photo.  Nor will it evoke meaning to many others. They’re just “dirty, old toys”.  My daughter’s toys. The lack of ears and the patches on one of them is evidence of her love. These tiny little stuffed animals symbolize childhood. When life is simple and the world is brand new.

toy bunnies

And this leaf… its beautiful red and can be all sorts of colours, symbolize MY country. Canada can be many colours, many things. I’m proud to be Canadian.

maple leaf

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Nelson Mandela hate is taught



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