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Photo Prompt: Holiday Decorations

Bastet has asked us to show some holiday decorations. She has a lovely post about her family tradition of the advent calendar. Please stop by her blog to enjoy it!

Oh..what to share? what to share? I LOVE decorating for Christmas. It is my favorite time of the year.

Humm this isn’t a decoration, it is a gift, but I want to share it before I show the “things” of Christmas.

The Christmas spirit visited me today in the form of a 6 yr old girl. I wished her class Merry Christmas {I’m a lunch supervisor at an elementary school}…she came up to me and said “Hold out your hand I want to give you a magic snowflake.” She made a ball out of her hands, shook them, then poured the magic snowflake onto my hand. … One of the best gifts that I have ever received.

Of all the decorations and their memories I love our tree the most. Every year we’ve added ornaments that reflect what we did, what we were interested in that year. It’s very full now…I guess I may have to get a second tree.  Wonder if my hubby would notice?  LOL

tree decorations

Our trip to Walt Disney World, my love of snowmen, my favourite Christmas show, our son loves to make pancakes, the curious little blonde boy, Belle, this years “thing” The Doctor… so many memories.

Even putting the tree up is wonderful. The kids put the branches in (and fight over the degree of fluffiness), then I give them an ornament while they find it’s ‘home’.

“It’s not the tree that counts, it’s the people around it that count.” author unknown

I wish you all the happiest of holidays and a safe and joyful new year!



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8 thoughts on “Photo Prompt: Holiday Decorations

  1. I miss putting up my tree 😦 I loved getting out the decorations and all the memories attached. At school we have a little tree and I always let the class decorate it. It isn’t the prettiest, but they love doing it. This year it was fun to watch them stretch and try to reach the top after someone noticed all the decorations were at the bottom 😉


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