Beauty after the storm

Ontario was hit with an ice storm this weekend.  We didn’t get the worst of it. I was lucky that I had a good drive to work with a beautiful ice-scape.

My hubby took these photos for me to share.


  1. Glad in a way we didn’t come home for the holidays. We would have been stuck in the ice storm… Enjoying the warmer temps here in Cambodia. Although it has been unseasonably cool. Feels chilly in the mornings and we weren’t prepared for this. I guess better than your freezing temps though 😉


    1. =) I was watching Norda Tracks Santa. …I woke the kids up on Dec 24th by jumping on their bed saying “Santa is delivering Auntie & Uncle’s presents in Cambodia.” ….I found it much funnier than they did. Sorry it’s chilly!


      1. Ha ha too funny. I am laughing too 😀 maybe is an age thing? It has warmed up and hot too at times. I guess better than snow and ice.
        For our presents we decided to go to the market and buy each other something. Funny we bought each other the same thing. Cool lap top/ messenger bags made from the canvas sacks. I’ll have to post them later. Cannot post photos. Internet issues and no cable for the one camera.


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