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Wow I’ve published… [lol..”published” seems like to big of a word.] 60 posts. When I started this blog I never imaged myself here. But through my friend CanadianTravelBug I found inspiration and a couple other blogs who have inspired me to share.

I love being able to see what caught other people’s imagination and where an idea took flight for them.

2013 was a year that brought me a lot of new things.  Including this blog, a new ‘fancy’ phone and learning new crocheting stitches =D  Since two more people I know have recently announce that they are expecting I foresee learning even more ! Having my camera (the one with a phone in it <wink>) with me and inspiration for weekly challenges, makes me look at the world around me a little different.

I wish you all the joy of looking at your world a little differently.

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9 thoughts on “60

  1. Aren’t you glad you joined in? Whole new world of friends, creativity and inspirations. Glad you decided to give it a go 🙂 I’ve enjoyed your photos and ideas you share. Happy new year. Are you heading to the falls? We are heading to pub street in Siem Reap. The few tourists have grown to crowds so should be interesting.


      1. We enjoyed the warmer temps and outside venue. The crowds not so much. We stayed back at a comfortable distance. The music was crazy…. Each bar and a band, or band like, on the street all trying to outdo each other – could have done without that. We stayed up but soon as the clock struck 12 we played Cinderella and ran off. Had to… Early flight and long layover and made for a very long day. Just got in. Yawn… Happy new year!


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