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Planning my son’s 13th birthday party.

Maybe the title should read PONDERING my son’s birthday, ‘cuz I’m just not sure what to do yet!!

My children’s birthdays are more like holidays to me. They’re big celebrations! More like Happy Birth-month vs birth-day! We celebrate with just us on the day of, then a family party and then a friend party. Sometimes we can’t do the birthday dinner at our favorite restaurant on the day of, so that’s another day!

When they were younger I’d go all out, picking a theme and decorating the whole house. My husband would make an elaborate theme cake .. that hasn’t changed. For a few years, he’d make two but now the kids make their own ‘friend’s cake’.

This year is a big birthday for our son, his 13th. I want to have a big themed party but I wonder.. Is it too ‘uncool’ (or whatever the “it” word is today).

Planning for his family party is more about the food. Making something that my family of “foodies” will find ok. I love food.. just not that into making it as they are.

The friend party …this is the dilemma. We need a theme but nothing too over the top. I also need something to do.. 13 year old boy fun but within the budget.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

So I turned to PINTEREST =)

Humm, maybe ‘Things that go bump in the night‘ theme?  They could watch scary movies and play the video games that scare me? And..

Glo bracletts I know they’re fun.

Monster cake?  Too ‘little kid; ??

We did zombie’s last year…

This would be fun??  It would be fun for us to watch at least =D



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