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Crochet mood blanket 2014

Crochet mood blanket 2014.

I LOVE this idea!! I’m always making things for someone else and enjoying it but…

I could make this for me. ❤

UPDATE (1-10-2014) .. Red Heart Super Saver is my ‘go to’ yarn. So I went to their website and picked colours! Now I just have to get to the store. That may be a week or two since I just bought yarn for 3.. yes 3 more baby blankets!

My plan: Keep a journal of my 3 ‘biggest’ moods for each week and make a tri-colour granny square. (simular to the original poster) but I think I’ll leave the style up to my mood each time I make one.

I’ll have to play catch up when I get the yarn but.. I really love this idea!!

I’ll make a new post to babble about this later.

Off to ponder my current projects!



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