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Worth Saving / Tourist in my Own Town – Red

This week we’ve been giving this prompt from Bastet

Prompt: What I’m looking for this week is a photo ( from your phone or camera will do), or perhaps a poetic image (maybe even a bit of flash fiction) or drawing, of an “abandoned past”… an old house, a ghost town, maybe a bicycle on a curb, or some object that attracts your eye as being worth while saving like a wooden cradle. In a word show me something worth saving.


I realized as I read this post and noted the red grain shoot and the red leaves that this post also can fit with Canadian Travel Bug’s monthly challenge.


For as long as I can remember my family has been visiting Ball’s Falls in Jordan Ontario. I’ve especially loved visiting during Thanksgiving weekend. That is when the mill and the blacksmith shop are running. It’s also when you can have a tour of the Ball family home.

I love the snatches of silence when you can almost see the ghosts of once was.

My photos today focus on Niagara history worth saving.

Stored in the cellar of the Mill ..a sleigh, tools, broken mill stone…history worth saving. Also, the hand carved post holding up the ceiling… worth saving.

Undisturbed Heritage

bits of historyBall’s Falls offers visitors a largely undisturbed, historically important site of industry and settlement in early Niagara dating back to the early 19th Century, as well as a rich and diverse set of archaeological resources dating back more than 2,000 years.  (


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For more information about how this area preserves the geography, ecology and history of the Niagara Peninsula please visit  Ball’s Falls, Ontario.  Ball’s Falls is a “gateway to the Niagara Escarpment and the UNESCO World Biosphere Park.”  It’s an area worth saving.

The water no longer flows to this mill, just above the red leaves you can see where it use to enter. In the bright fall sunlight you can almost hear the years past …turning the crops of Niagara into flour.

Mill at Ball's Falls























Here’s a cup of tea, while you ponder, what’s worth saving?  What’s red that inspires you to show off your home town?  (_);


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9 thoughts on “Worth Saving / Tourist in my Own Town – Red

  1. Thanks for participating 🙂 Good link in themes too 😉
    What a great example of being a tourist in your own town. Thanks for sharing Balls Falls. It brought a smile to my face as I remember the Thanksgiving weekend craft shows. My smile got bigger as I saw one of the pics and remebered that is where we got our engagement photos done… just around that corner.


  2. I love the falls. I haven’t been to visit since I was a child. Unbelievably, my husband has never been. I’m glad to hear that Ball’s Falls are going to be preserved…definitely worth saving. Beautiful photos!


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