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Man or Tree?

I found this photo on Pinterest.I don’t know if it’s real or photo-shopped.  When you link to the website it’s a Tumbler photo.

I have pinned photos to my Scope for the Imagination page before but none have fascinated me like this one.

I see so many possible stories swirling in the smoke. It’s hard to catch their words.

I see a tree..a living thing burning. Alone that is sad. Trees give the world so much.

I also see a man. Is he smoking? Did one of his cigarettes cause the fire?  Is the burning of the tree symbolizing his life burning ? What happened before this?

I can’t pin down and connect the words. Perhaps one of you can find the words to tell this story?

Perhaps you have a photo that has (pardon the pun) sparked your imagination.

Here’s a cup of tea while you ponder (_);



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