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Recharging MY batteries (not yours) ~ Monday Musings

Inspired by Chris @ 61 Musings

I find that some people don’t “get” that everyone needs to recharge in their own way.  Just ‘cuz going out to a party helps your relax doesn’t mean it helps me.

Also, you never know where you’ll find inspiration for a new way to unwind.  So I thought I’d share a little of how I relax.

I was reading a recent post on 61 Musings. I found that the reply I wanted to share was long…post long so here it is. I hope someone finds some inspiration here.  [Warning my non-photo post tend to swirl like my mind.]


One of my first “grown up” jobs was being a teacher in preschool. I love the little darlings but as an introvert being “needed” so much drained my batteries. When I’ve had too much ‘extrovert’ time it’s like a heavy blanket wrapped around me..squeezing me.

I found a book: Avoiding burnout : strategies for managing time, space, and people in early childhood education by Paula J Bloom  ~ What I remember most from this book is to take time for me. It’s ok.

I find with my mind always whirling that I have to step back from that in order to relax. A couple things that help me calm my mind, thus allowing me to recharge are:

  • Writing down what is tugging at my mind. Writing down what I plan to do about it. Then mentally putting that in a box to set it aside.
  • Sit comfortably. Deep breath in and out. Then focus on each body part ..forcing (or allowing) it to relax. Fingers > hands > arms > shoulders …  I found that as I got more practiced at this that I could do it even when I’m in the middle of a “busy” place to help me refocus.
  • Along with the allowing your body to relax think /visualize the good being breathed in and the stress being pushed out when you exhale.

And here’s one to completely throw you.

  • Drive alone.. with LOUD music not your classical station blaring but something heavy with a lot of drums.

Are you an Introvert? Know one and want to understand more? Visit 61 Musinings and ready Chris’ excellent posts!!



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2 thoughts on “Recharging MY batteries (not yours) ~ Monday Musings

  1. Thanks for the ping back. I appreciate your support so much.
    One thing I do when I’m really burned out from work is to spend the long drive hour (45-60 minute commute depending on traffic) by putting the radio on scan, giving me one and a half minutes of a station before it moves on to the next one. I don’t know why that helps me settle down after a long day of people pulling at me. Maybe it’s the idea that I can turn them off by switching stations. I don’t know, but it works.


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