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Proud of… Me

Bastet’s challenge this week:

Now for the prompt: I would like you to show me a photograph (or photographs) you’re particularly pleased with!  I’d also like you to tell me something about it, either in the form of a poem/story or a description of why you like it so much.   Of course it doesn’t have to be a manipulated photo at all it could be a great snapshot that just came out spectacularly good!


beach filteredI am pleased with how this photo turned out because of the ‘on the spot’ idea I had to use my sunglasses as a filter. I love how the colour changes the feeling of the photo.

Here’s a photo of the same spot without the sunglasses. beach unfiltered

This next photo … I’d like to say, I had “that eye” to spot a good moment to capture but it really feels like just beautiful luck.

cabin at Balls Falls

I love this photo!! I love how it makes me feel and how I can still feel the warmth of the sun from this beautiful fall day when I look at the photo.

I love the light and how my eye wanders from the red vine to the old cabin and then up the tree to the bright yellow leaves. I love how the sunlight is gently highlighting various areas.

These photos tie in with one of my favourite quotes:

“I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order.” : John Burroughs

Here’s a cup of tea to sip while you ponder what photo you’re proud of and want to share. (_);

Please visit We Drink Because We Are Poets ~ Bastet’s Pixelventures for the ‘how to join’.



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