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Signs of Spring?

Bastet’s prompt this week is to look for signs of spring. She’s also sharing more about the Chinese elements/seasons. It’s all very fascinating. Pop over to get your inspiration.spring buds peeking out

I have a previous photo/post from a glimpse of spring that I got this year. However I don’t think that under her blanket Earth is waking up just yet here.

Perhaps I can find a photo to show my winter “blah” another sign of spring that Bastet eluded to? I’m sure I’m feeling that because to spite preferring Winter over Summer I’m done with winter this year. And today we’re getting MORE snow. Not even the nice fluffy stuff but the heavy almost slush stuff. Ugh

Winter Blah

I took this photo through my dirty front window. Perhaps this is a sign of spring…. I’m looking forward to cleaning my windows!


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6 thoughts on “Signs of Spring?

  1. LOL…I did the inside of my windows yesterday no use doing the outside until I’m sure it won’t rain for at least a week in a row! Thanks for participating, in just a week, I’m sure that you’ll see some new signs pop up!


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