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Not a Wordless Wednesday

Don’t be quiet.

Don’t let them stand alone.

Don’t be a bystander.

Say NO to bullying.

Pink shirt

Remember stopping bullying also means teaching people how to be kind. STOP the cycle.

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.

Martin Luther King, Jr.


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5 thoughts on “Not a Wordless Wednesday

  1. I am so glad Niagara finally got on board with this 🙂 It started awhile back and has a good message. Recently on Ellen there was a similar story. A boy who has a speech problem along with other issues was being teased. He is 5 or 6 and likes to wear a fedora and sometimes a suit to school. He was teased for that too. He is water boy on a sport team and his team mates heard about the teasing. What did they do? They said we a re a team and stuck together… so they all wore suits and fedoras to school to support their friend. These boys were 8 years old and decided to band together to stop the bullying. Wise beyond their years…


    1. We’ve been wearing pink for a few years now. Today it hit me just how far we still need to go. My son and his team were participating in a Tech Challenge (they WON) at a high school. He didn’t want to wear his pink shirt because he was worried about being an “little kid” wearing a pink shirt.


        1. I read somewhere. “Hate is taught. You know what my three years old hates? Naps. End of list.” The behaviour of bullying is taught/ learned through observation. That is why it is sooo important to teach a kid who bullies how to interact properly. stop the cycle of them growing up and teaching their kids to bully. I’m so very glad their are teachers like you in the world who “get” kids!


          1. A scarier thought… a lot of teachers were bullied as kids. I hope that means they are more aware of it in the classroom then becomin bullies with their students. We do a character education program and we read the book filling buckets. We use that a lot in language when they say … you were dipping in my bucket… or you were filling my bucket. An inner city school I supplied used it too and the kids were really good with it too. Not as many behaviour problems like you would expect. As long as we keep it up and give kids the language to use it helps. Young bullies seem to hit and push because they don’t have the words or know what to say.


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