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Monday Musings…Well I heard it on the news.

I’ve been pondering lately how intelligent people can quote something as fact because “I heard on the news” ?  Then when faced with an observable fact or data from a reputable agency they still continue to hang on to what they heard ‘on the news’.

This started with the weather. “The news said” it was going to feel like -30 C.  The actual temperature was -9 C (no wind). Yet it was too hard to believe that the actual temperature wasn’t what was said on the news.

Which leads me to ponder… No wonder the police won’t release information during an investigation. With  only little evidence someone can be perceived as guilty but with all the evidence they’re not.  However the damage is done. People believe and hang on to the first “news” they hear and refuse to believe the rest.

As a society we’re too ‘hungry’ for news (gossip) that we allow those who gather the news to publish information as fact before they’ve gathered all the needed information.  They want to get the attention of the public first, details later.

Back to my little bubble … Why do people cling to that incomplete information to the point where they’re willing to insult the intelligence of the person standing in front of them? I just don’t get the ‘hold’ that people allow the media to have over them.



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2 thoughts on “Monday Musings…Well I heard it on the news.

  1. Funny I just watched a show on this on the the weekend. Sometimes our brain is so suggestable it can beleive otherwise since something was suggested to us. Even George W said things when there is evidence otherwise… relating to the 9/11 attacks, which in turn lead to so many conspiracy theories. It was funny to watch a test they did where they put 15 words on a large board and people had to recall as many as you could. People were 100% sure this one word had appeared on the board, where other words they were 70-90% sure. Funny since the word they were most confident about was related to the main 15 words, but not on the list. This show states and was trying to show how things can be suggested to us and how we then take it as fact. Funny how the mind works.
    Great post!


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