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Pixelventures..what inspires?

who inspired blogBastet has asked us to show what inspires us.

Each one of us has something inside us that just craves a little stimulation in order to create something new…maybe a duvet? This week in keeping with Sahm’s inspirational prompt, I’d like to see something that you felt inspired about or that you were inspired to create.

This is a close up of a gift that a dear friend gave me. She has inspired me. Her creativity, her sense of adventure have inspired me to try something new…blogging.

One of my other creative outlets is my crocheting. I almost always don’t know what pattern I’ll make until I have the yarn in my hands. The colours inspire me.Pile of Possiblities

Then there’s photography. I just can’t put to words what inspires most of my photos. (Beyond the ones I take for specific challenges) “Something” just catches my eye.

When I first read Bastet’s post I didn’t expect this one to be so challenging. Yet I’ve come back many times trying to figure out how to show what inspires.

I find like Maria in The Sound of Music, it’s like trying to pin a wave upon the sand.



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6 thoughts on “Pixelventures..what inspires?

  1. Wonderful words….
    Inspiration is all around us. I think sometimes we just need to look for it. Sometimes we think of heros as someone who has done something extra brave, or a celebrity to inspire us. But as you say something in nature can inspire us, something a passing stranger says or does can inspire. What about a small child who suddenly seems wise beyond their years or doesn’t give up learning to master a new task. All those things can inspire…. can’t they?


  2. Very beautiful photos and I like your thinking about the way the colors of the yarn provides the inspiration for your crochet pattern, that’s beautiful! I really like your blog!


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