I was so excited to see this rainbow that it didn’t hit me to later … I can use it for this weeks challenge.  A rainbow is light being reflected in the sky! People from cities all around us also saw this rainbow. It was HUGE.

This was the first photo that I thought of when I read Bastet’s challenge for the week!

Spring reflections at the beaver pond

Then I found these as I was looking for the photo of the tree’s reflection in the beaver pond at Allegany State Park.

The sunset over Lake Ontario from Rock Point Provincial Park.  And the trees reflected in the creek by our cabin at Allegany.


  1. And WP is also doing reflections this week!
    Great shots… I like the rainbow. Never seen one in China…. a little thing I miss about home. The rainbow after the rain, or over the mist of the falls.


    1. Yes, it seems like WP is “copying” Bastets beautiful idea. It will be a great week to see others imagination 😉
      I’m working on a second post with this topic. ;P


          1. Looking forward to it. Now I have those blasted reports to finish since yesterday the internet program to do reports was ‘unavailable’. ARG!!! One of the bad sides of technology.


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