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Happy Place

Oh my… I love Disney. I love being at Walt Disney World. I love Disney movies. But most of all I love Walt’s can-do attitude, where people and fun come first.

it’s a small world  Is not that much older than me. I’ve loved it since my very first ride. Then when I got to introduce my family to it..a whole new set of happy memories were added!

Happy 50th ! May you spread happiness for 50 more!



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5 thoughts on “Happy Place

  1. Wow 50 years old! Wait you are not close to 50 yet… thought it was only 29 ???
    Next week is a holdiday for us and the school is doing it 5-6 days before the national holiday, so we were able to get a cheap flight to Hong Kong! Just yesterday hubby said maybe we should go to Disney Hong Kong! Wonder if it is the same…


    1. I read they are planning a celebration and sing-a-long in May for the anniversary of the attraction being opened in Disneyland California. Perhaps they will bring those people to the park!?


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