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Round: Tourist in Your Own Town

Wow It’s that time again! Here’s Canadian Travel Bugs April Challenge!!

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Canadian Travel Bugs

Recently we went up the Pearl Tower here in Shanghai. It is an interesting building that has pink coloured glass and round ball shapes. Certainly not your traditional straight lines and rectangular shaped building. Word has it that the name came from the round balls, similar to pearls. It was the tallest building in Shanghai at the start of the building boom. The Pearl Tower was completed in 1994.

One of the upper decks has a glass floor where you can view the streets below. Looking through my photos I loved the circular shape.  I loved looking down at the round pedestrian walkway and round about. I thought that would be a cool idea for this month’s Tourist in Your Town photo challenge – ROUND.

Looking down at the (g)round. Looking down at the (g)round.

IMG_7141 Around and Around they go

Now you don’t need to go to a tall building to get your shot…

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