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Travel Theme: Clean / Photo challenge

Where’s My Backpack has reminded us that not everyone is lucky enough to have clean air to breath. Her challenge this week is to show clean.

The water in Lake Erie was so clean and clear was fun taking photos of the pebbles through it.

pebbles in the waves



The sky was so clean, clear and blue! It was a beautiful day in Ontario, to take a deep breath and appreciate what you have.

Craft Show tents
Craft Show tents






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3 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Clean / Photo challenge

  1. Living in Shanghai and seeing greyish skies and bad air days that hurt your eyes and throat that forse you to stay indoors make me appreciate the blue skies, clean water and air we have back home. It is funny I joked I should bottle air and bring it back to China, but someone has and the ques have been tremendous!


      1. Well since all the industry moved here we have cleaned up our own air and polluted someone else’s backyard. Thursday was a bad one… It looked like fog at first until you notice the green tinge to the sky. Visibilty was poor and the smokey smell to the air hurt my nose and throat. Its days like that I wish I was home.


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