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Monday Musing ~ Dusk at Rock Point

While looking at the photo I shared for Bastet’s challenge this week a lot of memories flooded back.

The feeling of the warm breeze coming off the lake. The sound of my children quietly talking. The warmth of my hubbies hand on my back.

Every year since the kids were babies we’ve camped at Rock Point. We make a point to go for an evening walk at least once a visit.  The time of twilight…dusk is a beautiful time. The day slipping away and the refreshing cool of night appearing.   It’s a magical time to let your mind wander and ponder the day.

by: L. Hine
by: L. Hine

This is why I take photos. I love when I get that one ‘just right’ and I somehow capture a feeling..a memory on “film”.

Ok…so it’s really a bunch of math/technology arranged in such a way and called pixels but that’s not nearly as romantic.   (wink ..showing my age)



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