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On Top – Photo Challenge

This week we were asked to show  ‘on top’.  While I sat enjoying the beautiful spring weekend I noticed the goldfinch’s at my neighbour’s feeder.  There was always one on top waiting it’s turn.

on top

I’ve experimented with the blur feature on a new app. I’m not sure about it… I couldn’t seem to fine tune things as I had imagined.  I’ll have to ponder it for a bit.


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5 thoughts on “On Top – Photo Challenge

  1. It’s an interesting experiment…could you maybe try to center the bird feeder and soft focus the rest? i’m not sure what you meant by couldn’t fine-tune…what is the app you’re using, is it on you camera or pc?


      1. Try Picasa 3…you don’t have to send the photos to internet to use it and you can do some cool stuff with it. Easier than Photoshop or some of the other big apps.


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