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Pondering my wandering

I don’t think that I’ve ever participated in a Daily Prompt before! This prompt caught my imagination. My top five places that I’ve always wanted to visit.  The list of where my imagination has already gone is long but I’ll keep it to just five.

My list changes with my imagination, perhaps I’ll have to revisit this idea in a few months? Travel, wandering for me has always been about discovery. I’ve been very lucky to have traveled when I was younger. But once you’ve started you just can’t get enough.

1. Off the coast of Newfoundland to see the whales.

2. New Zealand, to wander the hills of Hobbiton. To imagine Middle Earth and listen for the echos of the elves.


3.  Ireland, in June to see the stars line up on Heaven’s Trail. Just to ponder how far we can go in this universe.

4. Newport..specifically The Sylvia Beach Hotel,  because, well, all the books! Wouldn’t it be wonderful to stay in a room inspired by your favourite author? And imagine all the surprises we could find in the area around this beautiful hotel?

5. Cardiff, to the Doctor Who Experience, since I don’t think I’ll get the chance to go on an adventure in the TARDIS.

Join in the pondering:




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10 thoughts on “Pondering my wandering

  1. These are some great places! I love reading everyone’s responses today because it’s showing me of MORE places to see. New Zealand looks wonderful. Can I just say that your hope to go to Newfoundland would be the best trip ever?! Be sure to go in the June-September months 😉 Truly an amazing, breath-taking place.


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