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90 Marathons in 90 Days!!

Wow that’s a lot of running….and it’s not the first time Mike Strange has done this!

In 2012..

About 3,200 kilometres of running in nearly three months.

Forty kilometres a day.

Through northern Ontario, the Prairies and Rocky Mountains. In driving rain, wicked wind and even snow.

Welcome to Mike Strange’s world for the past 80 days. [April 2012 – July 2012]

On Tuesday, the former Olympic boxer from Niagara Falls will finish his odyssey — running from Thunder Bay to Victoria, B.C., to raise money for Childhood Cancer Canada, an organization dedicated to the fight against childhood cancer.

The Box Run started April 12 in the northern Ontario city where Terry Fox was forced to halt his Marathon of Hope in 1980.

It will end with Strange dipping one of his Commonwealth Games gold medals into the Pacific Ocean.

Source: Niagara Falls Review ~

In 2014…

Mike will be running from May 8th – August 9th ~ 90.. yes, 90 Marathons! Think about it…A marathon is 26.2 miles or 42 kilometers!

Mike is such an amazing person. He’s showing that when one person takes one step then another he can inspire many to make a difference!





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3 thoughts on “90 Marathons in 90 Days!!

  1. Takes a lot of stamina and courage to do such a long run…good for him! How are you dear lady, I’ve been a bit out of reading lately and missed seeing you!


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