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I wasn’t sure that I would find a photo that I’d post to my blog for Baset’s challenge asking us to show people.  When deciding what I wanted for my blog I decided that I didn’t want it to have photos of my family and friends.  I also don’t want to publish photos of people..ones that identify them without their permission.  So I dug around and found..

observing the pastwatching the magic



Canadian, Mom, Wife, Sister, Aunt

11 thoughts on “People

  1. What grand photos…I love fairs and fireworks…this was a great way to be able to take up the challenge! Thanks for participating!
    I just tried your link because I didn’t receive any notification that you’d linked up with Pixelventures, I came across this post blog hopping. I’m afraid your link doesn’t work, there seems to be a www. in front of our address which takes you to a page entitled: …


  2. I too don’t want to show myself on my blog… just due to the type of work I do. I would rather stay hidden. I often think about posting photos with others in them, but most times it is impossible to avoid. Nicely done here 🙂
    I know where the first pic was taken, but I am not sure I know where the second was is.


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