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Our serenity spot

My hubby pointed out that of all the photos I’ve included about Allegany State Park, I have not shown “our” rustic cabin.

My sister’s family and mine have been going here for years. And have settled into a sort of routine…with the goal that we do as much relaxing as possiable. This vacation is our time between busy seasons. We started off with one night away then two and now we go for 5 nights. The kids are getting older so we many need to shorten our time again but …we’ll deal with that next year.

Here’s that look at where we stay that I promised my honey I’d share.  This cabin comes with 6 cots, some shelves, a gas stove and a little pot belly fireplace/stove.  You have to bring your own sheets etc for the beds and something to tack on the walls to cover the windows. It’s a short stroll to the washrooms and a quick drive to the showers. 😉

Our cabin

This cabin is in the Quaker area of the park.

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