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Monday Musings…Say good-bye.

My son’s teacher is leaving the school this year for a job in a school closer to her home.  She’s an amazing person. She truly loves kids and loves learning.  She’s a young Ms Frizzle ~ “Take chances, make mistakes, get messy!” {Magic School Bus ~ book series / t.v. show}

Over her years at our school, she’s been ‘our’ teacher for 5 of the 12 years. (teaching either my son or daughter) but it’s not just how she inspires the kids in her class but what she gives of herself to the whole school.  She’s very much a leader in our school. Taking on school activities (track and field, talent show, sport teams), for example.

Her laughter, her drive and her spirit will be greatly missed.

I tell you all this because today I’m pondering… How do I help my son say good-bye?



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3 thoughts on “Monday Musings…Say good-bye.

  1. Living and working in an international setting saying good-bye happens a lot. It is with mixed feelings people leave friends and memories behind, while the challenge or excitment of something new is around the corner. I hate saying good-bye. My dad taught me well. He said “never say good-bye, but see you later.” That way there is a chance to always see them again, somewhere or sometime down the road maybe your paths will cross again. I have said that many times to my students and families. Sometimes we see each other again with visits, sometimes in email, but never sau good-bye…


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