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That little ‘sumtin’

tree looking back

The magnolia tree was just days away from bursting into it’s full spring beauty, when we visited the Botanical Gardens in the Niagara Parks Commission. (Niagara Falls Canada)

I love the blooms but the shapes, curves of the branches were so interesting. Then I noticed… the knot looks like an owl. 😉

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Extra, Extra

A beautiful photo is one thing, but a photo with an unexpected detail has personality and pop. This week, share a photo that has a little something extra.

who is in the tree



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17 thoughts on “That little ‘sumtin’

  1. isn’t that funny… good eye!
    Wow the blossoms are so late this year! Our magnolia here are only a memory now. They have come and gone. We had a cold wet spring in Shanghai and so far temps were comfortable. Untill….this week. They spiked and we have had days in the low 30’s with high humidity. Coming home will be a shock after the sweltering heat. Just standing still you sweat!


    1. The photo was taken the last week of April. It was late but not “that” late. Our temperatures haven’t started climbing ….yet. But if things don’t change soon you may need a warm coat to wear at home 😉


      1. John is back and said it was freezing the other night. For him to feel cold… it must have been REALLY cold. I know last summer everyone was warm and happy about the 23-25c weather and I was freezing since I was used to mid 30’s and humidity. It may be even colder this year for me 😉 We have been over the 30 mark the last few days… and it will only get warmer.
        And Oh I assumed that photo was from this week…. sorry.


        1. I should learn to put dates on my photos. And there’s been a few baseball games that required two warm sweaters and a blanket! Perhaps you’ll need a winter coat here this summer ? LOL


          1. Well I have packed a little bit today as I put away the laundry. I am being optimistic with mostly hot weather clothes. I did pack a heavy hoodie and 1 part of thicker/warm shorts.


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