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Prep’n for Camping

I’ve been camping for 45 years now. Yep, my parents took me for my first camping trip when I was 2 months old!

My hubby and I continued that tradition by taking our kids camping since they were babies. They need a lot less “stuff” now but I still use my tried and true lists to get ready.

I’m getting ready for our first trip of this year so I thought I’d share some of my planning with you.

camping listand the lists are sorted too!

camping list categories


Make a menu for each day and write every thing you’ll need for each meal. (i.e. oil and spices / condiments / side dishes). Then you’ll remember everything plus know if you need camping food lista larger portion or smaller of something.

See ~~ vegies for two meals (bring lots) / mustard for two meals (we’ll need a bottle of it not just the take out package size)





TIP:  Pack in water proof containers.

Much of our camping gear stay packed in plastic totes. These totes are labeled, mostly so I label on camping bincan answer, “In the tote marked _____” when they ask “Mom, where is….”

Every year at the end of the season I repack all the totes and take inventory. What’s missing? What did we not use? And replace it all so we’re ready to go the next year.



Here’s some more camping Tidbits that I posted last year.

Most important tip: Always leave your campsite cleaner than you found it !

Best tip: You never know it all.  Here’s some of the ideas I’ve collected on Pinterest.




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3 thoughts on “Prep’n for Camping

  1. Oh my, what a great blog! Hope you have a lot of happy camping this year! (Here it keeps raining every day, at least for a couple of hours … not much fun!)


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