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a reblog~ Monday Musings: Through kaleidoscope eyes

In the spirit of Throw back Thursday… As another school year wraps up this post of mine from a while ago, comes to mind.

Patchwork Ponderings

It’s often struck me …those moments where you see your child as they once were or as they could be. I’ve pondered how to describe it. That struck me last night. It’s like looking through a kaleidoscope at your “baby”.

A word, a sound, a light, just a random moment and reality shifts. You see your child not as they are in front of you but how they were when they were younger. Maybe it’s how angelic they look(ed) as they were sleeping. Perhaps a time of joy where they’re lost in play.

You see your child how they could be. It hits you, not so softly, how GROWN UP they look. You get use to them being taller but occasionally you’ll look and WOW when did that happen? It was yesterday when I could carry you to bed!

Wikipedia defines kaleidoscope: A kaleidoscope is a cylinder with mirrors containing

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