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Playing with apps ~ Pixelventure’s Challenge

Funny how things just happen to relate to one another.

My dear friend at CanadianTravelBugs suggested that I play with this past week’s Wordless Wednesday photo to make it black and white.

Calaco toes

Then voila! Bastet set’s this challenge to show photos that we’ve altered with photo apps.

I have Phototastic and Nokia Creative Studio on my Nokia Lumina  phone.


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6 thoughts on “Playing with apps ~ Pixelventure’s Challenge

      1. I put in my special order 😉
        Actually we had a cool and very rainy week here, although it was also super humid. We were just saying it was a nice change. We didn’t feel like we were melting all the time.
        In about 2 hours I am on my way to the airport. The waiting is so hard this time!


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