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Monday musings ~ negative vibes

Tonight at work there were so many negative people. …saying mean things just to say them, complaining about things that had nothing to do with them. It’s so draining to be surrounded by them.
People don’t seem any happier for randomly yelling at others…why do it? Ugh

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2 thoughts on “Monday musings ~ negative vibes

  1. Back at work I think the constant debating with how things should be done is exhausting. People also like to give you heck and make themselves feel superior. Always a focus on what you did wrong, never what you did well. I even had people deny they said things to get me in trouble. All this negative thoughts and energy is just sucking the life out of what could be a good day. Actually I just thought of something all this negative behaviour is probably deflecting us looking too closely at what the real situation is.


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