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WP Challenge : Endurance / Travel Theme: Strong

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The Thunder Rocks in Allegany State Park, NY USA are strong enough to endure years of weather, nature and people.

Legend has it, that the guardian spirits of the rocks, decided to hold a competition. The challenge was to see which spirit could throw the biggest rock to the top of the mountain. Each time a boulder was thrown, a roaring, thunderous sound could be heard throughout the area. This clamor caused concern & distress amongst the tribe living nearest to the mountain. When dawn broke the next morning, members of the tribe set out to determine what caused this mighty uproar the previous night. To their surprise, they found these gigantic boulders strewn atop the mountain. Hence, they named this area, “THUNDER ROCKS” after the awful commotion that they heard the night before.

source & scientific info : History of Thunder Rocks

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Travel theme: Strong



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