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Happy Birthday Sesame Street

Photo Credit: Sesame  Press Release Season 45
Photo Credit: Sesame Press Release Season 45

I literally grew up watching Sesame Street. I was 6 months old when they first aired November 10 1969.
Grover, who is fuzzy and blue and the Count (that’s two..two friends I remember), and the telephone aliens (brrrrr-ING) and…
Then jump ahead.. I have more happy memories watching the gang with my kids. Some of our friends have since passed away (and we learned through innovative programming how to deal with that) but the street is there. I met new friends like Elmo and Rosetta with my kids. {I think I liked it a little better when Snuffy was Big Birds “imaginary” friend.}
This show lead the way in teaching kids, in engaging us. We not only learned our A,B,Cs and 1,2,3s but learned acceptance and tolerance. We learned that being kind is important. And we learned to stick together…friends are important for crossing the street and to help you solve what’s wrong. Where would Ernie be without Bert and Rubber Ducky?

How do I pick which memory to share? Here’s a selection from their YouTube channel.

This one is how I remember Sesame Street as a little girl.

Happy Birthday Sesame Street



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