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Phoneography Challenge: Macro ~ Sleeping Cone flower

I was having a hard time trying to pick which composition…so I’m showing both. The purple cone flowers in my garden captivate me year round. I don’t trim them down like some people do at the end of summer because I love the texture of the ‘sleeping’ flower.

Sleeping cone flower 2sleeping cone flowerBoth were taken last week with my Nokia Lumia 920.  Not only did I shift to include another flower but I switched focal points. I was reading this series on This, That and The Other Thing and thought I’d try tapping on the screen at different places for different focus.



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6 thoughts on “Phoneography Challenge: Macro ~ Sleeping Cone flower

  1. Those turned out really well! I like walking in the park at this time of year and seeing all the beauty of the dead things still standing, like milkweed pods and the coneflowers you showed. Thanks for the link to my photography hints, too. This weekend, I was able to help someone at the zoo. She was trying to take a photo and the light wasn’t working right. When I showed her how to tap in the right spot, she could get the photo. That made me happy, too. 🙂

    Have a great day!

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  2. The first image is my favorite. I like the way the stem comes into the composition, and it shows the dried flower well. Coneflowers abound in my garden, and the goldfinches are devouring them. They’re terrific native flowers to plant where I garden. Happy Photo Challenge.

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    1. I like the first one because of the sharp focus and subject. I like the rich brown and texture. The second I love the contrast between the cone flower texture/colour and the green edged leaf behind it.


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