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Notable Days in December

I have this little gallery widget on my sidebar…

I’m adding small pictures / text that highlight the various awareness days.  Since WordPress (and my wee little blog) has international followers I’m trying to focus on “world awareness” days.

I know I’m missing many. I’m adding those who touch my life, my heart and my imagination.

Some are so very important at a life level others are important because they promote joy.

We may not have the money to give to help but we all have time. Time to learn and understand.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

Nelson Mandela


 December 1 ~ World AIDS Dayaids day

“On this World AIDS Day, I call on world leaders to unite in our common cause. We have started to turn the tide. We have set a bold target. Let us end AIDS together by 2030.”

— Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

World AIDS Day 2014 is an opportunity to harness the power of social change to put people first and close the access gap.

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DECEMBER 3 ~ International Day of Persons with Disabilities Day

Throughout human history, technology has shaped the way people live. Today information and communications technologies in particular have impacted a lot of people’s daily lives. However, not all people have access to technology and the higher standards of living it allows.

With an estimated one billion people worldwide living with a disability, and 80% of them living in developing countries, access to technology is key to help realise the full and equal participation of persons with disabilities.




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