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WP Challenge: Warmth ~ 2

Normally when I have photos with different variations of the theme I’ll just post them in one post but this weeks it seems fitting to make two posts. Here’s my first post..with the question: Does colour matter?

This post is just a collection of what warmth looks like ..

warm scarfThe warmth of a crocheted scarf.







The warmth of a summer’s fire  warm fire hot potatoes







the begining of ..And the warmth of the sand on our feet.






Whether you live on my side of the planet or in the Southern Hemisphere, enjoying real heat on the beach or in your yard, show us your take on warmth. You can go from the literal (saunas! scarves! steaming cups of tea!) to the figurative (the embrace of family members coming together for the holidays, the look of affection on your pet’s face, or even just a photo with a particularly warm color palette, no matter its subject matter).

To join:


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