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Monday Musings… this introvert survived the holiday season.

For anyone who work in retail the holiday season is busy hectic demanding. We have all our regular store jobs to do plus extra time helping people find “it”.
And let me tell you not all of those people are grateful that you’ve helped them.
It’s a physically and emotionally looong shift after shift for weeks.

For me, an introvert, it’s draining. Most of the customers don’t want to chit chat so that’s ok. But with lots of extra shifts and extra time with your co-workers, they want to talk. They mean well.. I know they do but I cringe every time one of them asks, “What’s new?” (or some other tell-me-about-you question.) They have no idea how hard it is to come up with a light / small talk answer. Honestly, I care about them. I’m interested in hearing what they want to say. Just please keep it short and don’t ask me to talk.
I feel I have to have mental ‘cue cards’ to just get me though a shift. {Quick…which answer would be socially acceptable for this question/ comment? Make sure to look at them. Keep looking at them as they talk. Listen. I said Listen. Nod. Answer…. Have I chatted long enough? If I leave do I look rude or just wanting to get back to work?}

And then I get home from work.  It’s the holidays. They have time off and well, it’s the should spend it with family. So my dear family try to let me have time to myself but they want to be with me. (Who am I to say no??)

That’s why it’s taken me so long past the Christmas / New Year’s weeks to get back to feeling 3/4 recharged.  And that is why I’m happy to say I survived the holiday season. It’s a busy, happy social encounter.



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