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Monday Musing… creative block?

I’ve been trying on and off all day to find a photo that is “right” for this weeks Phoneography Challenge. I love the photos this week…they have such scope for the imagination. I can see a dancer. Can you?

Yet that’s why I just can’t find “it” this week. My scope for imagination is not in focus. I’m not happy and it’s getting in the way.  I’ve been trying to crochet for a couple hours but even with my beautiful, soft yarn in my hands I just can’t get past a stitch or two.

Do you find your creativity tied to your happiness?

My world has been shaken. It’s a big deal however in the grand scheme of things people hallways - Copyare dealing with much more challenging things.  I know I just have to ride out the emotions and focus on what’s next.




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6 thoughts on “Monday Musing… creative block?

  1. You’re right when we are happy good things just happen. Life is easy. When things are stressful and hard it takes a real effort and a lot of energy to complete what we normally take for granted. It seems then everything goes wrong too. You hit every red light,… and it stresses you more. I went through a time where I felt I was angry, stressed and becoming bitter. I did a lot of research and the one thing that worked for me was to look at the little thing that made you smile or happy that day. Everyday amongst all the bad, there must be something good. I had to believe that. Before long I felt myself soften and come out of the deep doldrums. It was hard work, exhausting at times, but it kept me sane. It is not to say the bad things are not BIG. Don’t let anyone say its not… it is BIG to you and that is all that matters. It will get better. It just may take time. As your comic says as one door closes, another will open. But a someone once told me “it can be HELL in the hallway!”

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