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Monday Musings… Snow Day Perceptions

It’s a snow day here! For many it’s a day to stay wrapped in our blankets, blogin or reading. A happy thing.

When I told my son he was disappointed. Yep. Not the reaction you expect from a teen. He had an important sporting event scheduled today that will now be rescheduled. For him it’s not such a happy thing. His perception is that the snow is keeping him from what he loves.

I’m sure today will feel short for me and long for him.

One reality..two perceptions.



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3 thoughts on “Monday Musings… Snow Day Perceptions

    1. I have some photos they “story” photos not “art”. The snow was about 6 cm up our door. If I remember right your friend who visited China last year needed to get one of her friends to dig her out!!


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