Phoneography Challenge: Nature in a tank

While reviewing my photos from our trip to the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) all I could think is: “I wish I had taken more photos.” I’ll have to go back there by myself one day so that I don’t feel like I’m slowing people down by taking my photos. The display lighting and glass made a lot of the photos tricky. I really would have loved to had more time to play with it more!

This photo I took with the thought that I’d like it as a screen background on my computer. Most of the ROM’s displays only move in your imagination. These beauties are very much alive and wandering in their tank.


Nokia Lumia 920 ~ Nokia photo app

Please stop by Lens and Pens by Sally to be inspired! I am so grateful that I found her site and this challenge. I’ve been inspired to look beyond the ‘snapshots’ one normally takes with a phone’s camera. This definitely added to my joy while visiting the ROM.






  1. We both went in similar directions, picking colorful parts of life that contrast sharply with winter! đŸ™‚ I know the feeling of wishing I’d taken more photos…even when I’ve taken what seems like a lot. Have a wonderful week of photography (and life, of course.)



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