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Phoneography ~ Macro ~ Amethyst

Again this week I’m sharing some photos that I took with my Nokia Lumia 920 at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto.  (By the way… the ROM is celebrating it’s 101 birthday this year!)

WP_20150130_12_46_32_Pro - CopyWP_20150130_12_46_43_Pro

I love amethyst and was absolutely captivated by this large specimen.  WP_20150130_12_46_53_Pro

It is a beautiful welcome to the Earth’s Treasures exhibit!

Please visit  to see some welcome colour and links to other great phoneograhpy!!



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16 thoughts on “Phoneography ~ Macro ~ Amethyst

  1. Very well done! I too love amethyst there is a shop near by that often has it. I never buy but they let me take photos. Thanks for the reminder to get over there
    Thanks for the ping back
    Happy Monday


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