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WP Photo Challenge: Scale

In the Royal Ontario Museum’s dinosaur exhibit you really understand just how tiny humans are.  I’m not sure this photo really show’s us the ‘scale’ ..just how BIG this dinosaur was.WP_20150130_13_58_21_Panorama

This totem pole starts at the bottom floor and continues to the top… I’m standing on the second floor taking this photo.WP_20150130_12_42_10_Pro























And here we are outside the ROM at the corner of Queens Park and Bloor St W.  The church [built in 1879] looks so small compared to the modern buildings surrounding it.



This week, play with scale. Insert something into a scene to highlight size: your two-year-old in a field of flowers. A dime next to the huge cinnamon roll you picked up at the bakery. Shoot the giant pile of laundry making your couch look tiny by comparison.* Snap a picture of naturally occurring elements, like a Great Dane and Chihuahua together at the dog run. Share a photo from an airplane window showing us the plane’s engine against the ant-like background of the ground below.



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