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Travel Theme: Transformation

While searching for photos I thought of spring.  The new flowers and new life.

It’s beautiful how simple green stems and little pops of yellow transform the brown underbrush in the Niagara Parks Commission Botanical Gardens, Niagara Falls, Canada

DSCF3866Daffodils show transformation on their own..plain green with a hint of a surprise.

These next two photos are from different days and in different locations but they show different stages of the transformation. The first was taken in Allegany State Park, New York, USA and the second at the Niagara Parks Commission, Niagara Falls, Canada



Can you see the tadpole in the second photo? The dark shapes in the first are about to transform to tadpoles.




DSCF3893 - CopyI’ve added an arrow to this copy to show you the tadpole 🙂

Please visit  to see more transformations.


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