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Monday Musings…Photography ‘Rules’… this post doesn’t have rules.

I have yet to post a photo for the weekly photo challenge by Word Press. This week the challenge is to use the rule of thirds.

The Rule of Thirds is a photography concept that puts the subject of the photograph off-center, which usually results in blank space in the rest of the image.

I’m tempted to be cheeky and use a photo app to create a three paned collage.  Humph I 35dfc977-c870-4bfd-971b-f5caa2244938really don’t like taking photos with a particular rule in mind. Which is why I really don’t like to take staged photos.

I enjoy catching the moment. Seeing something from a different angle … a pattern …a detail. I love the surprise of what just happens. The magic in life is there when you look for it.  Funny enough in photography I enjoy the opposite of the rest of my life.

So my Monday Musing is… Why? When I prefer most of my ‘life’ to be organized and have rules (somewhat)…why do I not like rules in photography?



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