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Phoneography : Challengers Choice

Humph. It’s been an odd month. With holidays and snow days I’ve had my weekends extended and missed Mondays.  😦 and most of the phoneography challenges this month) It feels like I’ve been in a haze all month.

On that note I choose ‘abstract’ as my theme today.  The ice patterns made a fun filter for these photos.  I enjoyed the patterns both of the icy film itself and the hazy effect it created on the outdoors.

icy front steps (1)

I think I’ll work on next Monday’s post now. I only managed a few photos of our frozen Falls since I forgot my tech gloves but ….

Before I get too far ahead of myself … kindly visit

to enjoy more captivating phoneography.



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13 thoughts on “Phoneography : Challengers Choice

  1. Those are perfect for the abstract idea and one which those of us living in winter experience off and on now, although we’ve not had enough thawing these recent days! As for your Mondays, I always do my posts in advance, set them to go live in the middle of the night (at least my night in the US), and then when Sally has her post up, I link up to get my pingback in. Very easy and I can do posts when I have the time. That’s one great thing about having themes set in advance. 🙂


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