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NOT a Wordless Wednesday

Today is Pink Shirt Day. Never heard of this day before? Please take a moment to read the story of courage and kindness here.

When you hear “day” think “first step”. Today and every day we must stand up against bullying. It starts in school but continues into adulthood. pink shirt says enough

How do we stop bullying? Stand up. Say something. Don’t just let it happen. Don’t be a bystander.  TEACH the person how to be kind.

Let’s take a moment right there. I said a very important word. PERSON

We need to help the PERSON who is being bullied and the PERSON who is doing the bullying. All too often we hide that they are people by hiding them behind labels. We should always say it this way.. the PERSON who is being bullied (not victim) and the PERSON who is doing the bullying (not bully). Why?

Because we can help both people when we see them as people.

Today and everyday. Do NOT be quiet. Say something. Stand up against bullying.




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